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من 2017-01-16

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SteelFab has firmly established its place as the most dynamic and dependable platform for the regional steel fabrication, metal working and metal manufacturing industry in the span of Ten years.

From the launch edition itself, SteelFab was intended to cater to the complete A-Z requirements of the steel fabrication industry where Metal Forming and Welding & Cutting where the major elements.

SteelFab has continuously showcased the largest welding & cutting segment to be found anywhere in the Middle East and North Africa and has been identified by the regional industry as the sourcing point for all welding requirements as well.

The welding & cutting segment is diverse, complete and offers a substantial variety of brands that it has in fact cut down the travel requirement to International shows, and the regional buyers are quite content to complete all their sourcing at SteelFab.

It is important to note that the regional industry consists of fabrication yards and engineering workshops and not “welding shops” hence a complete show like SteelFab is the concise answer to the complete procurement needs of regional industry.

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